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Prof. Galina Komarova — Northern (Arctic) Federal University

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Name, position in organization Prof. Galina Komarova, Doctor of technical science, professor, member of Russian Academy of Natural Science
E-Mail komarova@agtu.ru
Phone +7-8182-280273
Fax +7-8182-280714
Web-site http://www.narfu.ru
Department/Unit Department of technology of pulp-and-paper industry
Organization Name Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Organization Type
  • University
Organization Address Severnaya Dvina Emb, 17 Arkhangelsk, Russia 163002
  • RF
Russian Federal District
  • Northwestern Federal District
Other spheres of competence Intensification and ecological danger reduction of bleaching processes.
Short description of the organization/department/research team Laboratory cellulose cooking to optimize cooking conditions and reduce chemicals, to reach the given level of Kappa number.
Laboratory cellulose bleaching to optimize and reduce chemicals.
Forming material balance on water and fiber for working PPM and CPM. Analysis of hardness, durability and deformation of paper and cardboard samples.
Determine the status of the structure-oriented fibers in the finished samples of paper and cardboard.
Publications on the topic
  • Milovidova L.A., Komarova G.V., Yudina N.V. Qualitative determination of “harmful” resin in sulphite cellulose//PHEI Forest Journal. – 1992. -№5 -с.92...95.
  • Milovidova L.A., Komarova G.V. Possibility of hardness reduction of larch sulphate cellulose before bleaching//PHEI Forest Journal. –1994. -№5-6 -с.27...31.
  • Milovidova L.A., Komarova G.V. Pre-processing SO2 coniferous sulphate cellulose./Cellulose, paper, cardboard. -1998. №1-2. –С.12-13.
  • Milovidova L.A., Komarova G.V., Koroleva T.A. Possibilities of raising the efficiency of bleaching plan of larch sulphate cellulose without molecular chlorine/Cellulose, paper, cardboard. -1999. №1-2. –С.18-19
  • Milovidova L.A., Kazakov Y.V., Koroleva T.A, Komarova G.V., Komarov V.I. Influence of hydrogen peroxide bleaching on physics-mechanical characteristics of cellulose. //PHEI Forest Journal. – 2000. -№4 -с.45...52.
  • Milovidova L.A., Koroleva T.A, Komarova G.V., Komarov V.I., Sevastyanova Y.V. Raising of efficiency of the use of hydrogen peroxide and dioxide chlorine while bleaching of larch sulphate cellulose. //PHEI Forest Journal. – 2003. -№3-с.122...126.
Scientific keywords Cooking of sulfate cellulose; Methyl-sulphureous compounds; bleaching of sulphate pulp; chlorine-organic compounds; non-chlorine; bleaching (ECF,TCF)
Participation in EU Framework Programme project NO
FP7 ENV Projects description
Participation in other European programmes projects NO
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Participation in relevant Russian projects NO
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Description of other previous and presernational cooperationent experience in International Cooperation