Научно-технологическое сотрудничество ЕС и России в области окружающей среды

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Тренинги по 7РП

"How to participate in FP7-ENV projects?"

Sochi, Russia
January 20-21, 2010

The main objective of the training is to provide researchers and information multipliers in Russia with a basic knowledge on the opportunities for Russian researchers to participate in the “Environment” theme of the 7th Framework Programme.

The content of the training is based on the training needs of Russian researchers & multipliers as identified through a questionnaire to a large number of Russian researchers that was carried out prior to the training.

Alla Akoulchina — FP7 trainer, Voronezh State University, Russia
Elena Pilieva — FP7 trainer, Voronezh State University, Russia
Katerina Tzitzinou — NCP legal and financial, Help Forward, Greece

Ben Kubbinga — NCP Environment, Agency for the Promotion of European Research, Italy

Agenda 20 January 2010

Time Theme Responsible
14:00 Welcome Antonio Marcomini (IDEAS)
Participants introduse themselves Ben Kubbinga
14:30 The 7th Framework Programme (FP7) (download PDF format )
EU-Russia S&T cooperation
FP7 Overview
International cooperation in FP7
Alla Akulshina
15:00 FP7 – rules of game for Russian participants (download PDF format )
FP7 eligible countries
Rules of Participation for partners from third countries in different pro-ject types
Elena Pilieva
15:40 FP7 – “Environment including climate change”(download PDF format )
General overview, Work Programme: research areas, How to deal with Call fiche.
Elena Pilieva
16:15 FP7 – Mobility actions for researchers (download PDF format )
PEOPLE programme: Marie Curie actions
Ben Kubbinga
16:30 Brainstorming exercise(download PDF format )
Project planning & implementation
Ben Kubbinga

Agenda 21 January 2010

Time Theme Responsible
09:00 Introduction
09:00 The Party project (download PDF format )
Project phases
FP7 project planning: interactive session
Ben Kubbinga
10:00 Presenting an FP7 proposal (download PDF format )
Part A and part B
The online EPSS tool for proposal submission
Ben Kubbinga
10:45 FP7 Participation and Financial Rules (download PDF format )
  • Participation rules
  • Eligible costs,
  • type of funding and reimbursement,
  • payment modalities etc
Katerina Tzitzinou
11:30 Exercise on Building a Budget Katerina Tzitzinou
14:00 How to write a Work Package?
Practical exercise
Ben Kubbinga
15:00 Practical tips for proposal writing (download PDF format ) Ben Kubbinga
15:45 Information and advising support of Russian researchers participation in FP7 (download PDF format ) Alla Akulshina
16:00 CORDIS (download PDF format )
Online information on FP7
Ben Kubbinga
16:15 FP7 quiz Ben Kubbinga
16:45 Q&A