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Mrs. Maria Orlova — Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPAE UB RAS)

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Name, position in organization Mrs. Maria Orlova
E-Mail Masha_orlova@mail.ru
Phone +7-343-2103858
Fax +7-343-2606500
Web-site http://www.ipae.uran.ru
Department/Unit Laboratory of funhtional ecology of terrestrial animals
Organization Name Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPAE UB RAS)
Organization Type
  • Research Centre
Organization Address 8 Marta St. 202, 620144 Yekaterinburg, Russia
  • RF
Russian Federal District
  • Urals Federal District
Other spheres of competence Host-parasite relationship of ectoparasites and small mammals, biodiversity of bats of Northern Eurasia
Short description of the organization/department/research team IPAE UB RAS makes multidisciplinary biological studies on the regularities of functioning, evolution and stability of biological systems at population, community and ecosystem levels in natural and anthropogenically changed environments of the Urals and adjacent territories of the Northern Eurasia. The staff tackles problems of applied ecology: rational nature management; ecological regulation; bio-indication; ecotoxicology; radioecology; environmental impact assessment and ecological prediction. “The Russian Journal of Ecology” is produced there. The research team: Ph.D., docent (associate professor) Oleg Orlov (Ural State Pedagogical University, Yekaterinburg), Ph.D., scientific researcher Evgenia Pervushina (Institute of plant and animal ecology UB RAS), Anna Golovanova (Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg), scientific researcher Evgeniy Zurihin (GOSNIIORH, Yekaterinburg). Team has long term experience in ecological field researches (a monitoring of hibernations bat colonies in caves and nurse colonies in summer roosts) and laboratory researches (investigation of bat ectoparasite fauna)
Publications on the topic
  • Bolshakov V. N., Orlov O. L., Snit’ko V. P. 2005. [Bats in the Urals.] Academkniga. Yekaterinburg. 176 pp. (In Russian)
  • Orlova M.V. 2010. [On the fauna of bat ectoparasites in Urals.] Proceeding of International symposium «Parasites of the Golarktik region». Petrozavodsk. 28-31 (In Russian)
  • Orlova M., Korallo-Vinarskaya N., Orlov O. 2010. First data about the ectoparasites of the bats of the Urals region. – Bat Biology and Infection Deseases: abstracts of 2nd International Berlin Bat Meating. Berlin. 66.
  • Orlov O.L., Orlova M.V. 2010 [Bats of the “Olen’i ruch’i” (“Deer Springs") natural park and their ectoparasites]. Vestnik Udmurtskogo universiteta. Izhevsk. 40-43 (In Russian)
Scientific keywords Bat, Ectoparasite, Ecology, Caves, Hibernation
Participation in EU Framework Programme project NO
FP7 ENV Projects description
Participation in other European programmes projects NO
EU Programmes Projects description
Participation in relevant Russian projects YES
Russian Projects Description
Research of life strategy of terrestrial animals of anthropogenic landscare. (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
Description of other previous and presernational cooperationent experience in International Cooperation Internship (2011) in University of Gdansk (Poland) in the frames of Program of International Academic Exchange of Russian Academy of Sciences.