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Dr. Vadim Polonsky — Federal State Institution "State Oceanographic Institute named after N.Zubov"

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Name, position in organization Dr. Vadim Polonsky, Head of Marine Estuaries Laboratory, PhD in Geography
E-Mail vpolonskii@mail.ru
Phone +7-499-246-2245
Fax +7-499-246-7288
Department/Unit Laboratory of marine estuaries
Organization Name Federal State Institution "State Oceanographic Institute named after N.Zubov"
Organization Type
  • Research Centre
Organization Address 6 Kropotkinsky pereulok, 119034 Moscow
  • RF
Russian Federal District
  • Central Federal District
Other spheres of competence
  • Control of changes of hydrological regime in river basins and estuaries, assessment of natural, climatic and man- induced factors.
  • Studying, modeling, calculation and assessment of impact of long-term and short-term changes of the sea level on river estuaries
  • Scientific substantiation of decisions to manage delta water regime
Short description of the organization/department/research team The laboratory of marine estuaries of State Oceanographic Institute carries out the research of hydrological regime of marine estuaries of the Russian rivers taking into account climatic and anthropogenic factors. The parameters under study include water and sediment discharge, water level, water temperature and ice phenomena. The processes of river delta formation and the dynamics of their hydrographic network are studied. The laboratory develops methods of calculation and models of complex hydrological processes in the river estuaries. It also assesses probability of natural hazards – area flooding, shallowing of water streams and water pollution. These phenomena are assessed in terms of space and time and measures to remove their negative consequences are being formulated. Processes of redistribution of water discharge and alluvia in the river delta, unstable water flows, water level changes, flooding of the river deltas and their water balance are studied. Water and heat balance of the coastal estuary is calculated. Evaporation from the water surface is calculated as well.
Publications on the topic
  • Polonsky V.F., Lupachev Y.V., Skriptunov N.A. Hydrological and morphological processes in the river estuaries and methods of their calculation (prediction). St. Petersburg, “Hydrometeoizdat”, 1992, p. 383
  • The Volga estuary: hydrological and morphological processes, pollutants regime and the impact of the Caspian Sea level fluctuation (edited by Polonsky V.F., Mikhailov V.N., Kiryanova S.V.), Moscow, GEOS, 1998, p. 278
  • Polonsky V.F., Ostroumova L.P. On surges in the coastal estuary of the Ural river// Meteorology and hydrology, Moscow RC “Planeta”, 2000, #9, p. 89-101
  • Polonsky V.F. Problems, methodology and modern methods for assessment of the delta flooding with the sea level increase. // Environmental systems and tools, Moscow, Nauchtekhizdat 2000, №12, pp. 25-32.
  • Polonsky V.F., Ostroumova L.P. Probability assessment of sea level in the Ural estuary in interaction of the water runoff and surges with the increase of the Caspian Sea level to marks -26,5 and -26,0 m BS // Water resources, Moscow, Nauka, 2002, №5, pp. 542-551.
  • Polonsky V.F., Ostroumova L.P., Filippov Y.G., Kasyanov S.Y. Assessment of flooding hazard and hydrological substantiation of measures to protect the Ural delta in connection to the Caspian Sea level increase.// Thematic digest “Hydrometeorology aspects of the Caspian Sea and its basin”, St. Petersburg, Hydrometeoizdat, 2003, pp. 87-101.
  • Polonsky V.F., Ostroumova L.P. New water balance model of the Volga delta as a means of best management of its water regime.// Environmental systems and tools, Moscow, Nauchtekhizdat, 2005, №12, pp. 37 – 48.
  • Hydrological background for water supply of the western steppe ilmens in the Volga delta indifferent flood hydrographs. // Collection of reports of International Conference “Management of water resources systems under extreme conditions” 4-5 June 2008, Moscow, Register and Cadastre Centre, pp. 52-56.
  • Polonsky V.F., Ostroumova L.P. Long-term and inerannual changes of the Volga runoff and water level.// Meteorology and hydrology, Moscow RC “Planeta”,, №2, 2010, pp. 63 – 72.
  • Polonskiy V.F Physical-statistical approach to river delta hydrology.// Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE,Jun. 1996 vol.122 No.6, ISSN 0733-9429, p.333-340.
Scientific keywords River estuary, Hydrological regime, Modeling. Hydrological calculations, Assessment of threats, Managing delta water regime
Participation in EU Framework Programme project NO
FP7 ENV Projects description
Participation in other European programmes projects YES
EU Programmes Projects description
Study and review for determination of major pollutants flow from the Volga cascade
Participation in relevant Russian projects YES
Russian Projects Description
Research of current state and scientific substantiation of methods and ways to provide sustainable functioning of the water economy complex of the Lower Volga and the reduction of risks of harmful water impact
Complex research of hydrological and environmental conditions of estuarine areas of the southern Russian Seas
Description of other previous and presernational cooperationent experience in International Cooperation