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Dr. Sergey Popov - State Institution “Hydrometeorology research center of the Russian Federation”

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Name, position in organization Dr. Sergey Popov, Chief of Laboratory, PhD in Physics and Mathematics
E-Mail skpopov(a)mail.ru
Phone +7-499-255-93-07
Fax +7-499-255-93-07
Department/Unit Laboratory of Marine applied research
Organization Name State Institution “Hydrometcentre of Russia”
Organization Type
  • Research Centre
Organization Address Predtechensky per. 11-13, Russian Federation 123242 Moscow
  • RF
Russian Federal District
  • Central Federal District
Other spheres of competence Modeling of interannual and seasonal changes of the Caspian Sea level, modeling of tides and storm surges, circulation in the Russian Seas
Short description of the organization/department/research team The Hydrometcentre of Russia is an assignee of the Hydrometeorological research centre of the Soviet Union, established on the basis of the World Meteorological Centre and Central Forecasting Institute, created on the 1st of January 1930. In 1996 the Hydrometcentre of Russia was given a status of the State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation.
The principal tasks of the Hydrometcentre of Russia are:
  • Investigation of the Atmosphere-Ocean-Land system for the purposes of hydrometeorological forecasting;
  • Provision of the population, policy makers and national economy with operational hydrometeorological information, including warnings on adverse and disastrous weather phenomena.
The principal areas of research:
  • Weather forming processes
  • Modeling and monitoring of atmospheric circulation
  • Modeling of the oceanic processes, investigation of the atmosphere-ocean interaction and hydrological processes on continents
  • Development of hydrometeorological forecasting methods
  • Development and putting into operation new information technologies
Publications on the topic
  • Zilbershtein O.I., Popov S.K., Chumakov M.M., Safronov G.F. Method for calculating extreme characteristics of the sea level in the North Caspian. – Water resources, 2001, v. 28, № 6, pp. 692-700.
  • Popov S.K. Modelling of climatic thermohaline circulation in the Caspian Sea. – Meteorology and hydrology, 2004, № 5, pp. 76-84.
  • Popov S.K., Zilbershtein O.I., Lobov A.L., Chumakov M.M. Modelling of seasonal trend of the Caspian Sea level using parallel computing. – Meteorology and hydrology, 2009 № 12. pp. 41-53
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Participation in EU Framework Programme project NO
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Participation in other European programmes projects NO
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Participation in relevant Russian projects NO
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