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Dr. Sergey Monakhov - State Institution "Caspian Marine Scientific Research Center" (SI "KaspMNIZ")

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Name, position in organization Dr. Sergey Monakhov
E-Mail kaspmniz(a)mail.ru
Phone +7-8512-303450, 303470
Fax +7-8512-301163
Web-site http://www.caspianmonitoring.ru
Department/Unit Management Department
Organization Name State Institution "Caspian Marine Scientific Research Center" (SI "KaspMNIZ")
Organization Type
  • Research Centre
Organization Address Shiryaev Street, 14, 414045, Astrakhan, Russia
  • RF
Russian Federal District
  • Southern Federal District
Other spheres of competence Environmental legislation
Short description of the organization/department/research team State institution “Caspian Marine Scientific Research Center” (SI “KaspMNIZ”), was founded in 1995 by Roshydromet (Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring) order # 71 from 30 June 1995. Main research trends are the study of climatic, meteorological, hydrological and hydrochemical processes in the Caspian Sea region and development of methods for their assessment, diagnosis and forecasting; study of the Caspian Sea pollution, development of methods for assessment, diagnosis and forecasting of marine environment pollution; supplying general information on hydrometeorology and adjacent fields on actual and forecasted changes in climate, meteorological, hydrological and hydrochemical conditions, pollution of the Caspian Sea and the estuaries of inflowing rivers. SI “KaspMNIZ” actively participates in the implementation of international programs and projects in the field of Caspian Sea research. Director of the Center S.K Monakhov is CASPAS Coordinator (Complex Programme on hydrometeorology and environment monitoring of the Caspian Sea).
Publications on the topic
  • Monakhov S.K. (Ed.) 2005. Pollution of the western North Caspian by oil hydrocarbons: an environmental assessment. Atlas. 50 pp.
  • Monakhov S., Ostrovskaya E., Kurapov A. Ecological zoning of the Northern Caspian// Abstracts of LOICZ II Inaugural Open Science Meeting “Coasts and Coastal People: Scenarios of Change and Responses” (27-29 June 2005, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands). Pp. 111-112
  • Monakhov S., Belyaeva E. The Major Water Issue of the Lower Volga Region: Runoff Regulation or Adaptation to Its Changes? // Proceedings of the third international conference on Climat and Water? Helsinki, Finland, 3-6 Septemder 2007, p.594
  • Esina O., Belyaeva E., Monakhov S. 2008. General catalogue of the Caspian Sea level: data for analysis of local, regional and global changes, and their interrelations // Proceedings of the 9th International conference LITTORAL 2008 “A changing coast: challenge for the environmental policies” (November 25-28 2008, Venice, Italy).
  • V.Zaitsev, S.Monakhov. Environmental monitoring of the Caspian Sea area adjacent to the Russian territory // Proceedings of the international conference INCOMP 2008 «Monitoring & Modeling of Marine Pollution», December 1-3 2008, Kish Island, Islamic Republic of IRAN.
  • Monakhov S., Kurapov A., Popova N., Zornikova O. 2009. Valuation, assessment and diagnosis of pollution in oil and gas bearing areas of Russian seas (on the example of the Caspian sea) // Proceedings of the 3th International conference “Problems of conservation of the Caspian sea ecosystem under the conditions of oli-and-gas field development” (13-15 October 2009, Astrakhan, Russia). P. 147 -151
  • Gavrilova E.V., Monakhov S.K., Makarova E.N. Pollution assessment of the Volga –Caspian Canal marine part. // Proceeding of the Ninth International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment/ MEDCOAST 09, E.Ozhan (editor), 10-14 November 2009, Sochi, Russia – P.621-630
Scientific keywords Marine environment; environmental monitoring; impact assessment; climate change; environmental security
Participation in EU Framework Programme project YES
FP7 ENV Projects description
Participation in other European programmes projects YES
EU Programmes Projects description
“Study and review for determination of major pollutants flow from the Volga cascade” (UNDP/GEF # RER03G31 (00034997))
“Conservation of Wetland Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region” (UNDP/GEF PIMS#1280)
Participation in relevant Russian projects YES
Russian Projects Description
Assessment of the ecological state of the Middle Caspian
Description of other previous and presernational cooperationent experience in International Cooperation S. Monakhov as CASPAS Coordinator (Complex Programme on hydrometeorology and environment monitoring of the Caspian Sea) is Coordinator of CASPCOM projects (CASPCOM: Coordinating Committee on Hydrometeorology and Pollution Monitoring of the Caspian Sea that was established in 1994 by the Caspian states with the support of the World Meteorological Organization). One of the most important projects - General Catalogue of the Caspian sea level which is to become a tool for analyzing, evaluating and predicting fluctuations in the sea level, as well as the relationship of these fluctuations with synoptic processes and global climate change.