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Dr. Rouwen Lehné, Institute for Applied Geosciences/Chair Geo-Resources & Geo-hazards, Darmstadt University of Technology

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Name, position in organization Dr. Rouwen Lehné, assistant professor
E-Mail lehne@geo.tu-darmstadt.de
Phone 0049–6151-162771
Fax 0049–6151-166539
Web-site http://www.geo.tu-darmstadt.de/fg/georeris/georisk_personen/ansprechpartner_details_5888.de.jsp
Department/Unit Institute for Applied Geosciences/Chair Geo-Resources & Geo-hazards
Organization Name Darmstadt University of Technology
Organization Type
  • University
Organization Address Karolinenplatz 5, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany
  • EU Country
Russian Federal District
  • n/a
Other spheres of competence
Short description of the organization/department/research team The chair Geo-Resources and Geo-Hazards at TU Darmstadt focuses on the evaluation of geo-potentials (geo-resources and geo-hazards) especially in growing urban areas. For that purpose GIS and gOcad for 3D/4D-modeling are in use. Furthermore the chair develops own tool extensions (e.g. Spatial Decision Support Systems, Analytical Hierarchy Process) in order to enable both multicriteria as well as time series analysis related to geo-hazards. Aim of the group is to carry out risk assessment, to develop best handling-scenarios and to contribute to mitigation strategies. In several project areas (i.e. Central Germany, Brazil, Greece, New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, Central European Basin System) the group applies above mentioned approaches and methods. Consequently since summer 2008 the group is granted by a Program of Excellence (the Hessian LOEWE program) in the frame of a joint inter- and trans-disciplinary proposal on the Intrinsic Logic of Cities (“Eigenlogik der Städte”). Aim of this long-term running research program is to identify if institutional, infrastructural or cultural path dependences block rerouting of urban development towards more sustainability and, if so, how to enable rerouting.
Publications on the topic
  • Karfunkel, J. & Hoppe, A. (1988): Late Proterozoic glaciation in central-eastern Brazil: synthesis and model.- Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol., 65 (2): 1-21, 15 figs., 1 table, Amsterdam.
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  • Hoppe, A. (2001): Geology 2000 – Geological Surveys in Germany.- Episodes 23 (3): 221, Ottawa [in the name of the Presidents of German Geological Surveys].
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  • Lehné, R. & Sirocko, F. (2005): Quantification of recent movement potentials in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) by GIS-based calculation of correlation coefficients – Int. J. Earth Sci., 94: 1094-1102, Heidelberg.
  • Sirocko, F., Seelos, K., Schaber, K., Rein, B., Dreher, F., Diehl, M., Lehné, R., Jäger, K., Krbetschek, M., Degering, D. (2005): A late Eemian aridity pulse in central Europe during the last glacial inception – Nature, 436: 833-836, doi: 10.1038/nature03905, London-Washington.
  • Lehné, R. & Sirocko, F. (2007): Rezente Bodenbewegungspotenziale in Schleswig-Holstein (Deutschland) – Ursachen und ihr Einfluss auf die Entwicklung der rezenten Topographie - Z. dt. Ges. Geowiss., 158 (2): 329-347, Stuttgart.
  • Sirocko, F., Reicherter, K., Lehné, R., Hübscher, Ch., Winsemann, J., Stackebrandt, W. (2008): Glaciation, salt and the present landscape. In: Littke, R., Bayer, U., Gajewski. D., Nelskamp, S. (Eds.) Dynamics of Complex Intracontinental Basins – The Central European Basin System. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 233-245.
  • Lehné, R. & Sirocko, F. (2010): Recent vertical crustal movements and resulting surface deformation within the North German Basin (Schleswig-Holstein) derived by GIS-based analysis of repeated precise leveling data. – Z. dt. Ges. Geowiss. 161 (2): in press, Stuttgart.
Scientific keywords
Participation in EU Framework Programme project NO
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Participation in other European programmes projects NO
EU Programmes Projects description
Participation in relevant Russian projects NO
Russian Projects Description
Description of other previous and presernational cooperationent experience in International Cooperation Several previous and present international cooperations are given, e.g. Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Estonia, Spain, New Zealand. All cooperations are related to evaluation of geo-potentials (geo-resources and geo-hazards) in urban areas in order to carry out both development of best use strategies for available geo-resources and mitigation of geo-hazards.