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Prof. Vladislav Polnikov — Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics of RAS

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Name, position in organization Prof. Vladislav Polnikov
E-Mail polnikov@mail.ru
Phone +7-9163376728
Fax +7-495-9531652
Department/Unit Air-sea interaction dep./Atmospheric dynamics Unit
Organization Name Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics of RAS
Organization Type
  • Research Centre
Organization Address Pyzhevsky per., 3, Moscow, 119017
  • RF
Russian Federal District
  • Central Federal District
Other spheres of competence Air-sea mechanical interaction and its climate variability, Wave modelling, Risk assessment
Short description of the organization/department/research team Obukhov Institute is one of the leaders in atmospheric research institute of Russia. Main interests: atmospheric circulation modelling, atmospheric contamination, air sea interaction, wind wave modelling.
Air-sea interaction department is responsible for the last 2 items.
Research team includes: Polnikov Vladislav, Dr. Sci; Kabatchenko Iliya, Dr. Sci.
Publications on the topic
  • “Numerical modeling of wind waves” (with V. Efimov). 1991. Kiev, “Naukova Dumka” publishing House. 240 p.(in Russian)
  • “Nonlinear theory of a stochastic wind wave field” 2007. Moscow. “Lenand” publishing house. 408p (in Russian)
  • ‘Calculation of nonlinear energy transfer through the surface gravity waves spectrum’ (1989). Izvestiya Ac. Sci. of USSR, Atmospheric and oceanic Phys., v. 25, N11, p.896-904 (English translation).
  • ‘A third generation spectral model for wind waves’(1991). Ibid., v. 27, N8, p. 615-623 (English transl.).
  • ‘Testing of differential schemes for numerical solution of transport equation for wind waves spectral density’ (1991). Soviet J. of Phys. Oceanogr., v. 2, N4, p. 299-307 (English transl.).
  • ‘On a description of wind wave energy dissipation function’ (1993). A symposium on the air-sea interface. Marseilles. Book of abstracts. P.79-80.
  • 'Numerical solution of the kinetic equation for surface gravity waves' (1990). Izvestiya Ac. Sci. of USSR, Atmospheric and oceanic Phys., v. 26, N2, p. 118-123 (English transl.)
  • 'Numerical modelling of flux spectra formation for surface gravity waves' (1994). J Fluid Mech., v.278, p. 289-296.
  • 'Nonlinear energy transfer through the spectrum for the finite depth case' (1997) "J. Physical Oceanography", v.27 no. 8, p.1481-1491.
  • Three-wave quasi-kinetic approximation in the problem of wave spectra evolution of nonlinear gravity waves in the case of finite depth water(1998). Izvestiya Ac. Sci. of USSR, Atmospheric and oceanic Phys.,v. 34, #5, p. 609-616 (English transl.)(with M. Zaslavskii)
  • ‘Validation of the three-wave quasi-kinetic approximation for the spectral evolution in shallow water.’ (2003) Ocean Engineering, V. 30, # 5, 579-599 (with R. Piscopia, P. DeGirolamo , S. Magnaldi)
  • ‘On the problem of optimal approximation of the four-wave kinetic integral’ (2002). Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, v.9, #5/6, 497-512 (with Leandro Farina).
  • ‘Wind wave model with the optimized source function’ (2005). Izvestiya RAS, Atmospheric and oceanic Phys., v. 41, N5, p.594-610 (English translation).
  • ‘Influence of the wind-waves dissipation processes on dynamics in the water upper layer’ (2006). Ocean Modelling, v. 11, p. 193-213 (with P. Tkalich)
  • Comparative study performance of wind wave model: WAVEWATCH- modified by the new source function (2009). Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics. 2009, V3, #1, pp42-55 (with V. Innocentini)
Scientific keywords Wind waves, Modelling, Air-sea interaction, Turbulence Climate variability
Participation in EU Framework Programme project NO
FP7 ENV Projects description
Participation in other European programmes projects NO
EU Programmes Projects description
Participation in relevant Russian projects YES
Russian Projects Description
Wind-wave modelling and air-sea mechanical interaction variability investigation
Description of other previous and presernational cooperationent experience in International Cooperation