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Dr. Aleksey Popov — Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation

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Name, position in organization Dr. Aleksey Popov, PhD
E-Mail Aleksey_popov@zmail.ru
Phone +7-9189009361
Fax +7-8622-530825
Web-site http://www.sutr.ru
Department/Unit Engineering-ecological faculty
Organization Name Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation
Organization Type
  • University
Organization Address 26-a Sovetskaya Str., Sochi 354000, Russia
  • RF
Russian Federal District
  • Southern Federal District
Other spheres of competence
Short description of the organization/department/research team SUTR is one of leading high schools in Russia in the field of tourism, recreation, and environmental management of the natural resources. SUTR as pilot high school took part in program TACIS EDRUS 9510 (Education development in the recreation field), and also is a member of BSEC. Education in SUTR covers a wide range of disciplines including environmental sciences and engineering, coastal zone engineering and environment, integrated coastal zone management, modeling of the environmental systems. SUTR team is formed by mathematicians, economists, social scientists, environmental scientists, engineers and experts in information technologies. The engineering-ecological faculty – the leader in the technological relation the faculty, prosecuting subjects of building, town-planning, ecology, architecture, design, transport, etc. Chair of transport and the movement organization prosecutes subjects of the organization of movement, traffic safety increase, designing of transport systems, the organization of transport service
Publications on the topic
  • Popov A.A. Formation and distribution of passenger streams on a transport network of a city. The dissertation к.т.н. – М: MSBY, 2005. – 218 p.
  • Popov A.A. Automatic system of transportno-town-planning designing//Problems and prospects of development of a housing-and-municipal complex of a city. Materials of the sixth international scientifically-practical conference – М: 2008.
  • Popov A.A. Role of public transport in the decision of transportno-town-planning problems of the Sochi city //Strategy of innovative development of the South of Russia: problems, prospects, directions. Materials of the international scientifically-practical conference, Sochi, 2009. – 88 p.
  • Popov A.A. Distribution of streams in networks//Actual problems of mathematical modeling and information technology: Materials of V All-Russia scientifically-practical conference, Sochi, 2009. – p. 137 – 143.
  • Popov A.A. Intellectual transport system//Technologies of the XXI-st century in power and transport communications: problems and prospects. Materials of the All-Russia scientifically-practical conference, Sochi , 2010.
Scientific keywords city transport; passenger traffic; intelligence transport system
Participation in EU Framework Programme project NO
FP7 ENV Projects description
Participation in other European programmes projects NO
EU Programmes Projects description
Participation in relevant Russian projects YES
Russian Projects Description
The general layout of the city Mineral’nie Vody
Description of other previous and presernational cooperationent experience in International Cooperation