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Dr. Vadim Polonsky — Federal State Institution "State Oceanographic Institute named after N.Zubov" 01.03.2011
Organization Name:Federal State Institution "State Oceanographic Institute named after N.Zubov" 
Department/Unit:Laboratory of marine estuaries 
Short description of the organization/department/research team:The laboratory of marine estuaries of State Oceanographic Institute carries out the research of hydrological regime of marine estuaries of the Russian rivers taking into account climatic and anthropogenic factors. The parameters under study include water and sediment discharge, water level, water temperature and ice phenomena. The processes of river delta formation and the dynamics of their hydrographic network are studied. The laboratory develops methods of calculation and models of complex hydrological processes in the river estuaries. It also assesses probability of natural hazards – area flooding, shallowing of water streams and water pollution. These phenomena are assessed in terms of space and time and measures to remove their negative consequences are being formulated. Processes of redistribution of water discharge and alluvia in the river delta, unstable water flows, water level changes, flooding of the river deltas and their water balance are studied. Water and heat balance of the coastal estuary is calculated. Evaporation from the water surface is calculated as well.  
Kristina V. Nenastyeva - Environmental Education and Research Center, Tambov State University 17.01.2011
Organization Name:Tambov State University 
Department/Unit:Environmental Education and Research Center 
Short description of the organization/department/research team:The Tambov state university of a name of G.R.Derzhavin, formed 1994, represents more than 50 specialities for training. The ecological scientifically-educational centre is based as a result of reorganisation of zoobotanical garden TSU (the first big zoological collection which are under monitoring of university in Russia). As a part of him young scientists and experts of natural-science specialities work. Centre activity is directed on coordination of continuous ecological education, mutually advantageous cooperation with the state, educational, nature protection and social organisations, educations of broad masses of the population in respect of ecological problematics, researches of regional ecology, ethology, bioindications, zootherapies, workings out of methodical grants and carrying out of the international conferences on ecology. 
Dr. Sergey Monakhov - State Institution "Caspian Marine Scientific Research Center" (SI "KaspMNIZ") 17.01.2011
Organization Name:State Institution "Caspian Marine Scientific Research Center" (SI "KaspMNIZ") 
Department/Unit:Management Department 
Short description of the organization/department/research team:State institution “Caspian Marine Scientific Research Center” (SI “KaspMNIZ”), was founded in 1995 by Roshydromet (Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring) order # 71 from 30 June 1995. Main research trends are the study of climatic, meteorological, hydrological and hydrochemical processes in the Caspian Sea region and development of methods for their assessment, diagnosis and forecasting; study of the Caspian Sea pollution, development of methods for assessment, diagnosis and forecasting of marine environment pollution; supplying general information on hydrometeorology and adjacent fields on actual and forecasted changes in climate, meteorological, hydrological and hydrochemical conditions, pollution of the Caspian Sea and the estuaries of inflowing rivers. SI “KaspMNIZ” actively participates in the implementation of international programs and projects in the field of Caspian Sea research. Director of the Center S.K Monakhov is CASPAS Coordinator (Complex Programme on hydrometeorology and environment monitoring of the Caspian Sea). 
Dr. Sergey Popov - State Institution “Hydrometeorology research center of the Russian Federation” 17.01.2011
Organization Name:State Institution “Hydrometcentre of Russia” 
Department/Unit:Laboratory of Marine applied research  
Short description of the organization/department/research team:The Hydrometcentre of Russia is an assignee of the Hydrometeorological research centre of the Soviet Union, established on the basis of the World Meteorological Centre and Central Forecasting Institute, created on the 1st of January 1930. In 1996 the Hydrometcentre of Russia was given a status of the State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation.
The principal tasks of the Hydrometcentre of Russia are:
  • Investigation of the Atmosphere-Ocean-Land system for the purposes of hydrometeorological forecasting;
  • Provision of the population, policy makers and national economy with operational hydrometeorological information, including warnings on adverse and disastrous weather phenomena.
The principal areas of research:
  • Weather forming processes
  • Modeling and monitoring of atmospheric circulation
  • Modeling of the oceanic processes, investigation of the atmosphere-ocean interaction and hydrological processes on continents
  • Development of hydrometeorological forecasting methods
  • Development and putting into operation new information technologies
Gabriele Matteucci, Division Head, Dr 20.12.2010
Organization Name:Gruppo CSA 
Department/Unit:Project, Research and Development Division 
Short description of the organization/department/research team:Gruppo CSA is a private research institute based in Italy, that can be qualified as a SME, with about 120 employees and a turnover over 8 million euro per year. Gruppo CSA is active in several fields since 1985, including sustainability analysis, sampling, physico-chemical and microbiological determinations, research and consulting in the environmental, food farming, industrial safety, management system sectors and it has cooperated with national and international research centers, districts and city administrations and environmental protection agencies. The Project, Research and Development Division of Gruppo CSA has a long experience in developing and managing aquatic system studies (rivers, lakes, lagoons, groundwater, seas), with particular regard on marine coastal environment. In this context, our team has specific competences in research studies on biogeochemical processes at the sediment-water interface and their impacts on the aquatic system (e.g. benthic fluxes, bio-geochemical proxies, pore waters). We collaborate with several national and international Universities and Research Centres, in order to improve and manage the aquatic ecosystems. 
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