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E-URAL Questionnaire: Have you filled it in?


EU–Russia Expertise in Environment Database launched!

If you want to express interest in collaboration with European and Russian researchers under FP7 calls and other opportunities you are welcome to

  1. register on the E-URAL web-site http://www.e-ural.vsu.ru
  2. complete the suggested on-line form


  1. to download an MS WORD document “Questionnaire on EU-Russia Partnership in Environment” following the link http://www.e-ural.vsu.ru/UserFiles/Docs/E_URAL_questionnaire_on_EU_RU_partnership_in_ENV.doc
  2. to fill the Questionnaire in and send to viv@rciabc.vsu.ru (Irina Bakalova, CBS RIP, Voronezh, Russia – E-URAL partner) and in the shortest time your information will be posted on the Database.


Please note!

 New FP7 2012 calls under Environment theme opened!

As far as the calls deadlines are quite close this year, we strongly recommend you to fill in or update your profile before 15 August 2011.

The overall description on how to deal with the Database is presented in the “EU-Russian ENV Expertise Database Manual” http://www.e-ural.vsu.ru/UserFiles/Docs/EU_Russian_ENV_Expertise_Database_Manual.pdf.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail Irina Bakalova if you have any queries or contact E-URAL partner in your country/region http://www.e-ural.vsu.ru/en/contacts.

Let your potential partners find you!

If you want to find partners active in environment sphere for joint participation in FP7 calls you are welcome to visit http://www.e-ural.vsu.ru/en/uforms/appforms/search and start your search under the following criteria:

  • Keywords (for example, FP7 call identifier, scientific keywords etc.)
  • Organization Name
  • Person
  • Country (Russia or EU member states)
  • Competences (search under the FP7 Environment theme priorities, areas and sub-areas)

 You may search your partners in each Russian Federal District using the interactive map http://www.e-ural.vsu.ru/en/uforms/appforms/eural_map.



Catalogue of Russian partner search profiles for joint participation under the Seventh Framework Programme Theme “Environment, including climate change” (PDF).

 It is an outcome of the E-URAL on-line database and if you consider it relevant to your colleagues and partners who might be interested, we would really appreciate if you could inform them and disseminate it in any other ways.