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Events in EU: Clean Technology European partnering event — 1-2 June 2010, Geneva — Switzerland
The event allows you to meet potential partners for business, innovation and research in clean technologies, develop your business, foster your innovation strategy and set-up research projects by offering your technologies, products or services and finding partners with complementary know-how.
Events in EU: GENERA 2010 BROKERAGE EVENT—20 May, Madrid — Spain
Enterprise Europe Network madri+d, organises GENERA 2010 BROKERAGE EVENT, an international Technology Transfer Day on Thursday, 20th May 2010 within the Energy and Environment International Trade Fair (GENERA)
Events in EU: 4th European Brokerage Event on Environmental Solutions—15 September, Munich — Germany
The EU Co-operation Unit of Bayern Innovativ, partner in the Enterprise Europe Network, is organising for the 4th time the European Brokerage Event on Environmental Solutions, to find partners to support international technology transfer, business co-operations and collaborative research.
Events in EU: International Conference on Human Capital for Sustainable Economies—27-28 May, Karlsruhe — Germany
The International Conference on Human Capital for Sustainable Economies is to address many of the critical questions and is dedicated to examine human capital development and management in the context of climate change.
Events in EU: International conference Deltas in Times of Climate Change, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)—29.09-02.10.2010
The conference offers a mixed programme attractive for scientists as well as politicians, policy makers and practitioners. Plenary sessions with inspiring keynote speakers will alternate with workshops for presentations of scientific findings and issues of policy and practice in climate adaptation.
Events in Russia: 5th Arctic Leaders Summit - Industrial Development of the Arctic under Climate Change, Moscow - 14.15 April, 2010
The Arctic Leaders Summit is the highest level forum for Permanent Participants to discuss the issues of sustainable development of the Arctic and indigenous peoples’ prospects. Each Summit has a specific theme and develops concrete recommendations for the Arctic states and other stakeholders
Hearings of commissioners designate: Ms Kristalina Georgieva - European Commissioner designate
International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response Parliamentary Committee(s) responsible for the Hearing: DEVE - Development
Events in Russia: IV International Conference "Problems of rational use of natural and industrial resources of Barents region in the technology of construction and technical materials", Arkhangelsk — 6-10 June, 2010
Directions of the Conference (plenary sessions): Natural resources of Barents region: current status and mastering prospects; Processing natural and industrial resources problems, subsoil development ecological aspects; Constructional materials from local raw stock technology problems; Constructional materials from local raw stock and industrial wastes chemistry and technology; North areas socio-economic development.
Events in Russia: The International Symposium “Ecology of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Areas”, Arkhangelsk — 6-10 June, 2010
Directions of the Symposium (plenary sessions): Monitoring of Arctic and Sub-Arctic environment; Chemistry and technology of natural compounds, analysis and the state of the environment; Geodynamical processes and their environmental effects; Seismic monitoring of Northern and Arctic seas; Radioactivity of the Northern areas; Biodiversity and state of the ecosystems of Northern areas; Nature protected areas and ecology of culture.
Scientific conference “Global climate change and mechanisms of adaptation” conference was held in Moscow
Scientific conference “Global climate change and mechanisms of adaptation” conference was held in Moscow, November 10–11, 2009.
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