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EMT Newsletter, May—June 2010
Europa Media produces a quarterly Newsletter in order to inform recipients of the latest new and events that are happening throughout the EU. New calls, info-days and helpful hints are included.
Events in EU: Green Week Conference 2010, 1–5 June 2010, Brussels — Belgium
2010 – the UN year of biodiversity – is a milestone year. Europe must set itself new biodiversity targets, and new global targets will be set at a major conference in Japan in October. Green Week 2010 will address the state of biodiversity and nature in Europe and the world, the benefits they bring, current pressures, and possible solutions to the current rates of loss, including the need for a solid baseline that can be used to take stock of future progress.
Events in Russia: Information Day on Thematic Research Priority “Environment (including Climate Change)” 7th FP EU — 15 June 2010, Moscow — Russia
The infoday is organized in the framework of the FP7 IncoNet EECA project “S&T International Cooperation Network for Eastern European and Central Asian Countries”. The main goal of the IncoNet EECA project is to strengthen the S&T cooperation between the EU Member States and Associated Countries and the EECA countries.
2010 is the United Nations' International Year of Biodiversity. It represents a milestone for preserving the diversity of life on earth. 22 May is a special day in this regard: every year the world celebrates International Biodiversity Day on that date. This is a great opportunity to draw public attention to the issues at stake.
Marine Research Capacities in a global context. Focus: Europe, Mediterranean & Black Sea — 23-24 September, Istanbul – Turkey
This FP7 event focuses on the following topics:
  • Marine Science
  • Maritime activities and technologies
  • Climate change
  • Earth observation systems
Events in Russia: International scientific conference “Climate and Water Balance Changes in the Caspian region”, 19-21 October 2010 — Astrakhan, RF
The objective of the conference is to expand scientific cooperation, discuss and summarize research results in the field of climatology and hydrology of the Caspian region, present scientific vision of vital problems linked to changes of climate and water balance of the Caspian Sea. The Conference considers the Caspian region with adjacent areas of south-eastern Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.
Events in Russia: «Russia—Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers»—Moscow, 7-8 June 2010
The Forum-2010 will be devoted to bilateral negotiations between Russian industrial companies, inter alia SMEs, in production, R&D and services with business partnership proposals, including investment projects, and willing to identify potential business partners in Europe, and European companies, inter alia SMEs, and business support institutions which would have shown interest with regard to Russian business proposals and projects or which, in their return, are offering cooperation, including investment projects, to Russian business community.
Archive: E-URAL newsletter, March 2010
Intellectual Property Rights aspects in EU and the Russian Federation, latest FP7 Highlights, future funding opportunities for European and Russian participants, Russian national funding schemes, successful FP6 & FP7 Projects with Russian participation, forthcoming events, etc.
Events in Russia: IWA CIS Young Water Professionals Workshop "MODERNIZATION OF WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS", 1st June 2010, Moscow — RF
Workshop is organized during one of the biggest environmental exhibitions of Eastern Europe "ECWATECH" (1-4 June 2010, http://www.ecwatech.ru) befor the conference of International Water Association (IWA) "Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants in Towns and Communities of the XXI Century: Technologies, Design and Operation" (2-4 June 2010, http://www.iwaconference.ru)
CLIMATE 2010 / KLIMA 2010. The World´s CO2-friendly Scientific On-line Climate Conference, 1-7 November 2010
The worldwide scientific online climate conference CLIMATE 2010 takes place for the third time, focusing on "Climate Change and the Sustainable Management of Water Resources".
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