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«Russia—Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers»—Moscow, 7-8 June 2010


An Interregional Public Organization "Moscow Entrepreneurs Association" (MEA, www.rusbusiness.org) is organizing a business opportunities / investment matchmaking forum «Russia—Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers» to be held in Moscow on 7-8 June 2010 at the premises of the Moscow city Government Exhibition Hall (Novy Arbat Street 36/9). Forum’s site is www.atlasinvest.ru or www.rf-eu-cooperation-without-frontiers.com.

The Forum-2010 would be the second business partnerships event in Russian history focused on SMEs and organized by the MEA in cooperation with European and Russian business support institutions. The first Forum-2009 brought together more than 80 Russian companies and a large group of European companies and business support organizations representing interests of more than 60 European companies. During one day only more than 500 bilateral Russian-European meetings upon companies’ prior requests as well as an important number of “out-of-schedule” meetings were held, including also the ones among Russians and among Europeans.

General Partner of the MEA – Fund to Contributing for Development of Small Enterprises in the Science and Technology Spheare.

The Forum-2010 will be devoted to bilateral negotiations between Russian industrial companies, inter alia SMEs, in production, R&D and services with business partnership proposals, including investment projects, and willing to identify potential business partners in Europe, and European companies, inter alia SMEs, and business support institutions which would have shown interest with regard to Russian business proposals and projects or which, in their return, are offering cooperation, including investment projects, to Russian business community.

The Forum-2010 is making part of the MEA Long-Term Integrated Business Partnerships Programme for Russian industrial companies, which in addition to an annual brokerage event in Moscow on a broader number of industrial sectors includes organizing and holding Russia-Europe matchmaking events in selected Russian regions focused on their local economic and entrepreneurship development priorities.

European and Russian companies from the following sectors are invited to take part in the Forum-2010:

Traditional sectors of Industry:

  • Food industry
  • Wood industry, pulp&paper
  • Chemicals
  • Machinery and mechanical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Construction / building materials
  • Textile, fur/leather, garments production
  • Electrical engineering
  • Metal working
  • Automotive
  • Medical devices / Pharmaceutics
  • Optics, glass products, manufacturing, processing and finishing technologies

New sectors – Technologies

  • Energy, environment, climate and water
  • Biotechnologies, bio-fuel and bio-power
  • Advance flexible materials
  • Aerospace
  • ICT and Media
  • Nanotechnologies

The preparation for the forum by MEA involves identification of business partnership opportunities / investment projects, profiling of enterprises and formulation, analysis and screening of individual project proposals. The forum itself will bring together potential commercial and joint venture partners to discuss possible forms of cooperation to implement business partnerships / investment plans being tabled. All those participating in this business - investment forum share one thing in common, the desire to broaden their contact network and to find new partners for technical as well as commercial purposes. The forum provides a unique opportunity for you to find new business contacts.

Registration is opened between 11 January and 25 May 2010. Apply for, fill in the Registration Form/ Company Profile and send it to the Organizer by e-mail (map-june2010@mail.ru). It is important that you make an accurate and brief description of your company and your desired cooperation with Russian potential partners. This text forms the basis of the entry in the online catalogue on the forum’s website and is used by all participants prior to the forum to assist them in making the choice of companies they wish to meet during the event.

Additional information could be found on the Forum's website: http://www.atlasinvest.ru/about-en.lp.