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International scientific conference “Climate and Water Balance Changes in the Caspian region”, 19-21 October 2010 — Astrakhan, RF

14th Session of Coordinating Committee on hydrometeorology and monitoring of Caspian Sea pollution (CASPCOM) held on 23-24 November in Teheran, the Islamic Republic of Iran, made a resolution to hold international scientific conference “Climate and Water Balance Changes in the Caspian region” in Astrakhan, Russian Federation, on 19-21 October 2010.

The objective of the conference is to expand scientific cooperation, discuss and summarize research results in the field of climatology and hydrology of the Caspian region, present scientific vision of vital problems linked to changes of climate and water balance of the Caspian Sea. The Conference considers the Caspian region with adjacent areas of south-eastern Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.

The following research trends are to be covered by the Conference:

  • Climate change in the Caspian region in XIX - XXI centuries;
  • Links between regional and global climate changes;
  • Climate change and natural hazards in the Caspian region;
  • Impact of climate change on natural systems and economy of the Caspian region;
  • Changes of Caspian Sea water balance and level in XIX - XXI centuries;
  • Long-term forecasting of the Caspian sea level;
  • Impact of sea level fluctuations on coastal zones and marine economy;
  • Water balance and water resources of the Caspian Sea;
  • Issues of distribution and re-distribution of the river runoff in the Caspian basin.

Round table “Energy, climate and ecology of the Caspian region”, attended by representatives of government agencies, industrial and financial companies and nongovernmental organizations of the Caspian region, will be held within the framework of the conference. Round table discussions will cover the following:

  • energy safety, energy efficiency and energy saving issues in the Caspian region;
  • hydrometeorological safety of fuel and energy industry in the Caspian region;
  • environment and energy aspects of sustainable development in the Caspian region.

Deadline for applications submission is 1 June 2010. The application is to contain information about the authors (name, middle name, family name, country and organization, postal address, e-mail, telephone and fax number). Application form as well as this letter will be available at CASPCOM website http://www.caspcom.com. The application is to be submitted with report abstract in Russian or English, which are both working languages of the conference. Abstract length should not exceed 1 page (font Times New Roman, font size 12, margins 2 cm, interval 1).

The authors of accepted papers will be sent invitations stating the amount of registration fee (about $250) by July 1. The registration fees are to cover expenses for papers publication and simultaneous translation. The complete papers are accepted before 1 September 2010; the conference agenda will be mailed on September 15, 2010.

The institute in charge of the Conference is:

State institution “Caspian Marine Scientific Research Center” (SI “KaspMNIZ”)
14 Shiryaeva Str., Astrakhan, Russia 414045
Tel/fax +7 8512 30 34 70/ +7 8512 30 11 63

For organization issues contact
Director of SI “KaspMNIZ”, CASPAS Coordinator, Sergey Monakhov.

For participation in the Conference contact
Academic Secretary Olga Esina (Russian participants)
and Assistant to Director Oxana Kholina (Foreign participants).

Applications for the conference are to be submitted via ccw2010@mail.ru.