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Mark your calendar for the E-URAL Final Conference, 21 October, 2011 — Brussels, Belgium!


The Final Conference of E-URAL project will be held on 21st of October 2011 in Brussels (Belgium).

The conference venue: Hotel Chambord, Rue de Namur - Naamsestraat 82

The conference will bring together scientists and stakeholders involved in EU-Russia scientific cooperation and will offer the opportunity to present and discuss the tools and services developed within the E-URAL project.

One of the main outcome of the project is the Russian ENV Expertise Database, aimed at mapping leading Russian scientific expertise and infrastructures and including more than 200 profiles of Russian researchers working on environmental topics. Moreover, the conference will present which are the main current Russian research needs in the environmental area, identified as result of four thematic workshops organized in Russia by the E-URAL project and other specific project surveys.

A round-table will be organized within the conference, with the aim of discussing and outline future perspectives on EU-Russia cooperation in the field of environmental research. Coordinators of European projects targeting EU-Russia scientific cooperation, as well as EC representatives will be invited to contribute to this discussion.

The conference agenda is available here: http://www.e-ural.vsu.ru/UserFiles/events/E-URAL%20Final%20Conference_draft%20agenda_30082011.pdf

If you are already involved in EU-Russia scientific cooperation or are interested in discovering more opportunities in this field, do not miss the E-URAL Final Conference!

There is no participation fee for the conference, but a maximum number of 50 participants will be allowed (“first come, first served” policy).

Please download the registration form at the following address: http://www.e-ural.vsu.ru/UserFiles/events/E_URAL Final Conference_registration form.doc