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Rules of Russian partners participation in FP7 in brief

Rules of Russian partners participation in FP7 in brief

In FP7 Russia refers to the group of International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPCs) that means that legal entities from Russia may participate in FP7 activities (provided that the minimum conditions laid down in the FP7 ‘Rules for Participation’ (RfP) have been met). They are eligible to receive EC funding. They may even be the coordinator of an indirect research action. Russia participants enjoy similar rights (e.g., funding, IPR) and are subject to the same obligations (e.g., financial and scientific reporting, audits, IPR) as the EU partners of the consortium.

For more details please download the “Short guideline on Cooperation with Third Country Participants in an EC funded FP7 multi-partner research project – Practical Advice for Proposal Submission and Negotiation” [20 KB] ftp://ftp.cordis.europa.eu/pub/fp7/docs/guideline-third-country-participants_en.pdf

For further support for your EU-Russia scientific collaboration development please contact the EU or Russian members of the E-URAL steering committee http://www.e-ural.vsu.ru/en/e-ural/konsortsium/.