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Environment theme

Environment - including Climate change

Within the FP7 'Cooperation' Programme, the theme dealing with environment (including climate change) has a budget of  €1980 million.

A wide range of research topics are addressed, grouped into four areas:

  • climate change, pollution and risks;
  • sustainable management of resources;
  • environmental technologies;
  • earth observation and assessment tools for sustainable development.

FP7 environmental research has a twofold objective. On the one hand it is to promote the sustainable management of the environment and its resources through increasing knowledge about the interactions between the climate, biosphere, ecosystems and human activities. On the other hand, it is also to develop new technologies, tools and services, that address global environmental issues.

Emphasis is given to the following activities:

  • Climate change, pollution and risks
    • Pressures on the environment and climate
    • Environment and health
    • Natural hazards
  • Sustainable Management of Resources
    • Conservation and sustainable management of natural and man-made resources and biodiversity
    • Management of marine environments
  • Environmental Technologies
    • Environmental technologies for observation, simulation, prevention, mitigation, adaptation, remediation and restoration of the natural and man-made environment
    • Protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, including human habitat improved damage assessment on cultural heritage
    • Technology assessment, verification and testing
  • Earth observation and assessment tools
    • Earth and ocean observation systems and monitoring methods for the environment and sustainable development
    • Forecasting methods and assessment tools for sustainable development taking into account differing scales of observation

See the latest call fiche on the CORDIS website for topics open in the latest call for proposals under the environment theme. For description of the topics and information necessary to submit a proposal under the latest environment call should be found on the CORDIS website as well.

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