European Union and RussiA Link for S&T co-operation in the area of the environment

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E-URAL project

Project acronym: E-URAL

Grant Agreement number is 226517 E-URAL CSA-SA

E-URAL means European Union and RussiA Link for S&T co-operation in the area of the environment.

The overall strategic objective of the E-URAL project is to improve in quantity and quality the participation of Russian researchers and SMEs in the “Environment (including climate change)” theme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

We see a need for a system of specific supporting measures focused on enhancing and extending research cooperation between the EU and Russia in the field of environmental research. Moreover, there is a need for more practical and “project-generating” actions able of converting new cooperative opportunities into more successful stories.

The project will:

  • map research expertise and needs in Russia in the field of environment
  • raise awareness and provide capacity building for multipliers and researchers in Russia through training activities and staff exchanges
  • promote co-operation opportunities between EU and Russia in the field of environment
  • link Russian and European stakeholders in the field of environment and of research policies

We expect these activities will lead to:

  • increased awareness on the FP7 priorities and specific calls, participation rules, stimulation of the proposal preparation gained by trainings, workshops, exchange of experience
  • long term network of contact points enabling active search for the researchers and in the region to be matched with researchers and companies from Member States
  • increased awareness of European research community on Russian research potential in the field of environment
  • international contacts between Russian and European researchers in view of future partnerships in project consortia
  • identification of research priorities of common interest for future Work Programmes in the Environment theme


Our tangible outcomes will be:

  • On-line database on Russian major research infrastructure, researchers and multipliers in the field of environment
  • Database of activities matched between EU and Russia in the field of environment
  • two-days National Training Sessions
  • Workshops to identify common research issues
  • brokerage events
  • Newsletters
  • Public website (http://www.e-ural.vsu.ru/)

Uncover Russian environmental research potential and create opportunities for

successful joint projects together with E-URAL!

To know more, please download the E-URAL project leaflet [PDF]